2011 Trip – Oct 27

October 27, 2011 | Steve Fredlund

Several of us woke up before sunrise so we could watch the sun lift over Lake Ihema. Unfortunately, the fog and cloud cover did not allow for a glorious sunrise, but it was beautiful as the sky brightened and we began to look around. While we were looking at the lake, we realized there were several baboons around the lodge area. This was cool as we tracked them and took pictures of them throughout the morning.

At one point several of us were up by the rooms (2nd level) when we realized the baboons were about to run up the stairs toward us. We started backing up (some running) and they went right up the steps and up the side to the roof with the exception of one baboon that was looking at me and started taking a few steps toward me. I backed up enough until he went up on the roof and away. It was a bit disconcerting but thought it was kind of fun.

As we were at the table waiting for breakfast, we realized that a few of our team wasn’t there yet. Soon Eric and Nicole arrived with the message that “a baboon stole Gina’s bag.” I ran over to find out what was going on and the story can only truly be told by Gina. The summary is that Gina got mugged by baboon! She had just left her room with her bag which included bananas and Clif bars. A baboon jumped out from behind a wall and grabbed her bag and started going through it; Gina was apparently screaming. Having taken what he wanted (bananas and two boxes of Clif bars), the baboon was off to the edge of the woods where he proceeded to unwrap and eat the Clif bars. It is an amazing story which can only be told best by Gina. Needless to say, after that point, we traveled in groups and carried a baboon pole with us wherever we went during the day.

After the events of the morning, we took off with our drivers in search of some African wildlife and we were not disappointed. During the three game drives which started at 7am and ended about 6pm (with lunch in between) we saw many unique birds, giraffes, zebras, antelope (5 different kinds), warthogs, and hippos (which really were amazing). It was a great time of laughing and just hanging out after what had been an intense and emotional week. After the game drives, we had supper and made our plans for our final day in Rwanda.