2011 Trip – Oct 26

October 26, 2011 | Steve Fredlund

This was our last day in Kivuruga. After breakfast we drove to the local market in Kivuruga where we really experienced what the market is like. There were a few purchases made including myself who bought 5 cassava roots for about 450 RWV (under $1). I’m going to try to bring them home. We looked at a number of different items for sale and saw some cool things like Mark’s sponsored child (Immanuel) finding him at the market, some bulls nearly goring people, a child we had given a soccer ball at the school seeing us and telling his friends “futbol” meaning we were the ones to give him the ball, and the opportunity to hand out yet another soccer ball to kids in the street.

After the market, we traveled on to Kigali where we spend a little time in sort of a souvenir strip mall where we bought items for ourselves as well as for Our Response. Following this we were driven to the restaurant for lunch and to switch from our World Vision drives to the drivers who would take us to Akagera National Park. It was very difficult to say goodbye to our drivers from the past few days, but we exchanged hugs, gave them gifts, and wished them well.

Shortly after lunch we were on our way to Akagera National Park in eastern Rwanda for a couple days of rest, relaxation, and sharing our experiences and the road ahead. The drive took about 3 hours from Kigali to Akagera with the final hour or so being quite rough. We arrived, took out all our bags, signed in, and were then asked if we wanted a tour of the cottages. We thought that would be a good idea, so we were led by flashlight through some long paths to our cottages. The cottages themselves were beautiful, but so were the several lizards and spiders inside. After conferring with the group, we asked if we could have rooms in the lodge instead which were available so we went that route instead. After some dreaming about lizards and spiders, we all fell asleep, excited to see what Akagera National Park looks like in the morning.