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Little Dresses & Soccer Balls

September 4, 2011 | Janie

Part of the fun in preparing to go to a place you’ve never been before is exposure to all kinds of new things. Steve Fredlund’s mother, Ellen, has led a number of us to a delightful ministry called Little Dresses for Africa. A woman from Michigan was traveling  in Africa and became saddened by the state of children’s clothing. She decided to do something about it and, as a result, thousands of dresses have been made all over the country for little girls in places of great hardship. Because many women in our East Central area have also been busy sewing, our team anticipates taking perhaps five hundred of these super simple dresses to Kivuruga! We’ll also save room in our luggage for lots of soccer balls–deflated, of course! We don’t want to leave out the boys! Thank you to those of you who are even now investing time in building the esteem of little girls they will never meet. It will be a joy for our team to share your love with them in the form of handmade clothing.