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Britches for Boys

June 26, 2013 | Janie

Steve Fredlund’s mom, Ellen, is at it again. That’s her in the orange t-shirt, second from the right. Standing with her are women from Pine City, MN, who have helped sew shorts for the boys of Kivuruga, Rwanda. The Our Response team will take these shorts with them when they leave for Kivuruga at the end of July. They plan to fill two 50-pound duffle bags full of these simple elasticized britches, as well as shorts and t-shirts that have been purchased and donated.

Shorts for Boys in Kivuruga

When the last Our Response team travelled to Kivuruga, they took several hundred Little Dresses for Africa with them. Oh, they were so, so cute and so much fun to make!

Little Dress for Africa modeled

Inspired by a woman named Rachel O’Neill of Brownstown, Michigan, who started this ministry of sewing clothing for African girls, using pillowcases or simple dress patterns, the women of East Central MN committed to doing the same for girls in Kivuruga.

Picking Out A Little Dress for Africa

Little Dresses are distributed

But we don’t want the boys to be left out! So now East Central women have dusted off their sewing machines and are working on clothing for the guys. Here’s an amazing woman, who just happens to be the energetic mother of a friend of mine. Her name is Lenora.

Sewing Shorts

Lenora recruited a group of friends in her Cambridge apartment complex to help her sew shorts.

Friends help with sewing Friends help with sewing shorts for KivurugaFriends help with sewing shorts

These are the shorts that got done that day. Later Lenora got busy on her own and made a total contribution of 56 pairs!

Three sewing friends

Thanks ladies! We know that there was love in every stitch!