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The Easiest Way to Write Your Sponsored Child

April 7, 2014 | Janie

I have a confession.

I’m not the best at staying in touch with our sponsored children.

I have good intentions. I am aware that all sponsored kids love to hear from their sponsors. They are curious about what life is like here in the States, just as we are curious about everyday life in Rwanda.

I have even had the privilege of meeting our first sponsored child and I thought she was adorable. Sweetly shy, athletic, full of potential. We connected! So keeping in touch with her should be extra easy for me, right?

Janie's sponsored child

Janie and her sponsored child

Josiane plays volleyball

I’m also (not-to-brag) pretty organized. I have letters from our Kivuruga kids neatly filed away so that when I write back I can remember what they’ve told me.

I can’t even claim to “not have enough time” to write because that would not be true. There is plenty of time in my schedule to compose a note or two.

So why is it that before I know it weeks and then pretty soon months have gone by since my last letter went out? I’m thinking that if I struggle with communicating on a regular basis, maybe some of you do, too.

Well, there is hope for us wannabe communicators! World Vision has come up with an amazing tool that makes it painless to get a letter off quickly to our sponsored kids. It’s called My World Vision and you can access it at I just wrote to my kids by going to this site because (a) I wanted to remind myself for the sake of this post just how easy it really is, and (b) sad to say, letters from me were definitely overdue!

Once you sign in, photos of your sponsored child/children show up on your page. Simply click on the child’s picture, select a template, and start typing. You can even add your own photos from your computer to make your letter extra personal and fun for your child to read. And let’s face it, photos of the events and people in your life provide a great conversation starter! With just another final click, your letter whizzes off via email to the home office in Rwanda where it is printed out and eventually hand delivered by an interpreter.

So very E.A.S.Y. If you support more than one child, it’s possible to copy and paste the contents of your first letter into the next one and then tweak it a bit if you need to. What a time saver! Would you prefer to send a letter or perhaps a small gift? All the instructions for how to do so are right there.

The children of Kivuruga love knowing that their sponsors are thinking about them. Sponsorship is as much about communicating hope to a child and his family as it is about financial benefit. Maybe more.

Check out My World Vision today. I promise you will be impressed. There are other helpful features for you to explore that I haven’t even mentioned. You will not only love this site, but your child will love you for heading there right now and letting him or her know you care—today!