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A New World Vision Exhibit

August 17, 2014 | Janie

Kisongo Trek

The World Vision Experience team is headed to the Minnesota State Fair! We last enjoyed this dynamic group at the Isanti County Fairgrounds when Our Response hosted Step into Africa. Now the team brings a new exhibit called Kisongo Trek, allowing you to take a “bus ride” into the heart of Africa in a 1,000-square-foot mobile experience. Get ready to be transported to Kisongo, Tanzania, and meet 13-year-old Babayetu. Through creative technology, state of the art cinematography, and gripping images, you will discover the true story of how World Vision has impacted this young boy’s community. Be sure to check out the trailer to learn more about this life-changing virtual journey.

The World Vision team would love to have you stop by, say hello, and check out the exhibit. They are also looking for some volunteers to help serve in 35 positions throughout the fair. Volunteers will serve outside, in roles such as assisting with advocacy cards, helping with the kids activity, or recruiting people to visit the exhibit. 

Sign up to volunteer here. It’s super easy. And please feel free to share the link with anyone who might be interested. Free admission into the fair when you volunteer! 

Five Days of Hunger

August 9, 2014 | Janie

Our Response hosted World Vision’s Step into Africa exhibit at the Isanti County Fairgrounds almost two years ago. For those of you who attended the Experience, you may remember watching a video just before exiting called Walking in Sabina’s Shoes. The video was produced by Kari Costanza, a writer for World Vision Magazine. There is something about Kari that makes you think of your neighbor down the street. Real, down to earth, honest. There is also something about watching an American woman arduously—and with humor!—fetching water in rural Africa that brings into sharp focus the  reality of this back-breaking challenge. If you have not watched this engaging mini-drama, I highly recommend it.

I recently came across another equally powerful video called Five Days of Hunger. This time Kari, along with her photographer, step into the shoes of a family in northern Kenya who don’t have enough to eat. I hope you will take time for this twelve-minute reminder of what 800 million people face daily around the world. As we approach our fall event with Sara Groves and the medical kit build, I hope, too, that it will give you fresh incentive, as it does me, to consider involvement in the concert and kit build in one of three ways:

Buy a ticket to the concert!  Song-writer and vocalist Sara Groves is amazing! She has also travelled to Rwanda and understands the heartbreak of extreme poverty.

Consider volunteering! We are in need of more than 70 volunteers to help assemble the medical kits that we are purchasing from World Vision.

Make a special donation! The cost of each medical kit that will bring encouragement and health to AIDS patients is $22. We plan to ship 824 kits to caregivers in Kivuruga, Rwanda. Your generosity will help us do just that.

Go to and search “Sara Groves,” and you can easily purchase your concert ticket, sign up to volunteer, and/or make a special donation. All in one fell swoop!

We hope to see you on September 27th at Cambridge First Baptist. The kit build will occur in the lobby from 3–5. It’s going to be a blast! The concert will begin at 7:00.