A Generous Gift

July 31, 2013 | Janie

Chad and Jodi Christenson, of Cambridge Eye Associates, are committed to our community and ready to give of their resources. When the couple became aware of conditions in Kivuruga, Rwanda, they immediately thought of a way they could help.

As part of the team that travelled to Kivuruga in 2011, I don’t recall seeing anyone wearing glasses. See if you can find any!


Cambridge Eye Associates has graciously donated 700 readers for the team to take to Rwanda. A reader is basically a magnifier. These glasses provide everything from minimal help with near vision to stronger aid for older adults who struggle significantly to see at close range.


Technicians Julie Giffrow and Michelle Erickson helped pack the duffle bags. But it was apparently an all-out office affair. Deanna Gusk and daughters, Abby and Taylor, Jonah Poppen, Brita Rud, and Angie Rakotz all worked on cleaning and bagging the glasses. Nice!

Eye associates

Lee’s Pro Shop of Pine City donated some of the travel bags.

Gray duffle bag

And what about this cute OR supporter who was talked into modeling one of the readers?


What a beautiful community-wide effort. Our heartfelt appreciation for all who had a part in this wonderful gift, with special thanks to Cambridge Eye Associates!