A Note from Steve

November 12, 2015 | Janie

Trip Team #4 Ready for Take-Off


Well, here I am again on the precipice of another trip to my favorite place on earth, Kivuruga, Rwanda. This will be my fourth trip in the past six years and I am just as excited as the first. The excitement, however, has moved from the mystery of that first trip, with a focus on “what will I see” and “how will I be changed,” to now focusing on re-uniting with friends, looking for specific areas of impact, and watching as new team members get to know these wonderful people, and see first-hand the impact we are having and the joy and gratitude they carry.

I am hoping we can provide regular updates on the website as we try to transmit our experience back through pictures and words, which hopefully Janie Pearson can receive and post (thank you, Janie). It’s never quite certain what we will experience, but we know it will be life-changing for all of us.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, prayers, and well-wishes as we once again journey to Rwanda. The team this year consists of myself, Shannon Lynch (also a member of the 2011 team), Shane Buff, Tracy Vaselaar, and Terri Bouley. We look forward to talking with all of you when we return. We hope to see you as we celebrate our impact and kick-off the Christmas season with Jason Gray, on December 5.

  • barb holmberg

    I love this picture of you, Steve! What a smile! I will be praying for all of you! Have a blessed time!