A Personal Greeting from Richard Stearns

March 3, 2014 | Janie

With the last post you had an opportunity to get acquainted with World Vision’s president, Richard Stearns. But if you are a member of the East Central Community, and involved with Our Response, did you know that you have received a very personal greeting from this remarkable servant?

In the not-too-distant past, World Vision hosted a “meet and greet Richard Stearns” at a small Twin Cities restaurant. Our Response Director Steve Fredlund, sensing an opportunity, asked if it would be possible for Stearns to share a special greeting to Our Response supporters and volunteers. Richard quickly agreed. Needing a quieter location for this impromptu taping session, the small group trooped outside, down a sidewalk, through an alley, and around a corner—finally stepping inside a beauty parlor owned by an attendee of the gathering.

There was just enough time for one quick take. If you haven’t already stumbled across this gracious and congratulatory message, why not go ahead and take a listen right now?

NOTE:  Stearns mentions that we are sponsoring 250 Kivurugan children through donations of $100,000 a year. Those numbers have now grown to over 560 children sponsored and more than $620,000 in direct support!


  • Steve Fredlund

    Thanks for sharing this Janie; it was such a cool moment