It’s time to think about Christmas!

October 30, 2013 | Janie

Give the gift that keeps on giving

A couple years ago, when my kids wondered what I would like for Christmas, I asked them to pick out something from World Vision’s Christmas gift catalog. I don’t remember now what the gift was—ducks or chickens maybe—that would be given to a far-away family in need. What I do remember is the sense of joy I felt on Christmas morning when I opened a World Vision card informing me that something so life-sustaining had been given in my name. Surely gifts that meet genuine needs are the best gifts of all!

Many of you may have received the World Vision Gift Catalog in the mail for Christmas 2013. Today’s brief post is meant to serve as a reminder that the slogan on the cover of the catalog couldn’t  be more true or hold more promise: Give a gift. Change a life.

No worries if you didn’t receive a catalog. You can easily learn more, shop, and order your gift online here. I would love to hear your comments if you—or members of  your family—have also found this type of giving to be meaningful.