Knitters Unite!

November 14, 2013 | Janie

Fight poverty with a ball of yarn!

Three caps for newborns knit for kids

I may lose a few men with this post, but if you like to create with yarn and needles, this entry is for you. For those who like to knit (or crochet), World Vision has a great opportunity called Knit for Kids. Be sure to check out this site because you will love it. Click on their video for added inspiration! Even if you don’t knit, but would like to learn how, move your mouse over the words “Get Involved,” and you will find super simple patterns for a baby cap and baby blanket that are easy enough for a beginning knitter. There’s also a new girl’s sweater pattern that even a-scared-to-knit-a-sweater gal like me might have to try someday.

One pattern I have tried, though, is the hat for a newborn. No circular needles required! The use of regular ol’ straight needles means that it’s not only easy to knit a cap with this pattern, but fastOnce your knitting is done, just take a a big needle and a piece of yarn and make a quick seam up the back. And there you have it! Something cute and practical to keep a newborn’s head nice and warm.

You can keep it simple and plain with just one color…

World Vision knit for kids plain cap

…try a two-tone variety…

World Vison knit for kids two tone hat

…or go all out with with a stripe or two!

Striped hat knit for kids

Children living in poverty need clothing. And they need to stay warm! Satisfy that urge to “make something” and know that your “something” just may count for quite a lot.



  • Steve Fredlund

    Janie, thank you for posting this. Everyone can do something to change the world.