Oh, for Cute!

October 29, 2014 | Janie

There are countless ways to join the fight against global poverty, but I discovered a method recently that feels less like a fight and more like…fun! Earlier I mentioned running into a couple women who have inspired me. Both Sue Kurnett and Vicki Caspar are World Vision Child Ambassadors who have discovered a creative way to improve the lives of impoverished women.

Meet Sue Kurnett, a professor at William Jessup University and Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Sierra College in California.


I met her at the World Vision Child Ambassadors Conference in Seattle after seeing her in the company of these little guys. Finger puppets. I was totally charmed.


Sue travelled to Peru with World Vision and met women who knit these tiny creatures and then sell them, five for two dollars. Sue said to them, “I can sell these for you back home for $2 each.”


She pays the women upfront and, as soon as the knitted creations are shipped, Sue sells them all within a few days. Then Sue sends them another check for another order and quickly sells them all over again. The impact of this added income in the lives of these women and their families is huge.


Could you refuse Mr. Lion a home? I couldn’t.


He surely needed a friend.


And then, well, you know.


I refuse to confess how many little critters made their way into my suitcase. But, tell me, is there any resisting this face?


Take a bow, Sue. You are doing something pretty sweet. Come Christmas, my grandson will thank you, to say nothing of the women whose lives you are helping to transform.


I also became acquainted with Child Ambassador Vicki Caspar. That tote bag slung over her shoulder derives from a project in Zambia that supports women and orphans.


I suspect that when Vicki hits the skies as a Southwest flight attendant she is also the perfect advertisement for the sale of these amazing totes crafted from recycled plastic bags.


Who would have thought that plastic bags cut into strips could become the yarn for a crochet project. This next one is made from—you guessed it—garbage bags!


If you know how to crochet and are curious about the process, here’s a youtube video that might inspire you to try one. You can learn more about the project Vicki is helping to support here. For specific information about the bags, contact Vicki at loveachildwv@yahoo.com. To order finger puppets, Sue can be reached at i.am.one.also@gmail.com. (FYI: a postal strike in Peru is delaying her orders for now.)

Women spanning continents to creatively and compassionately reach out to each other. It’s a good thing.