Raincoats and the Return

August 12, 2013 | Janie

Just two last things to mention today about the 2013 trip team to Kivuruga, Rwanda. Please plan to come back and visit our blog, as we will continue to have updates for all those who want to follow future Our Response activities and events.


You may remember that before the team left, Pastor Joel of Pine City Evangelical Free Church headed up a collection of raincoats for the team to take to the HIV/AIDS caregivers in Kivuruga. When the weather is rainy, caregivers who are walking or bicycling to see their patients could really use some protection! Almost 100 raincoats were gathered and then presented to Florence, who heads up the program. By the look on her face, it looks like she is being presented with those raincoats in this photo. Thanks to all of you who participated and gave!

caregiver receives raincoats

Head of the caregivers who walk Kivuruga with medical cases to treat and assist those who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Steve writes, “I love Florence! My number one Rwandan hero.”

dance and welcome from the caregivers

Caregivers dancing and singing for us. We even had the opportunity to dance with them! Wow. What joy, and what a work out!

Woman suffering from HIV

This woman is living with HIV. Her caregiver (provided by World Vision) visits her to make sure she is cared for, as well as her children.

 The Return

The team is scheduled to return today. They have been in a beautiful country.

Beautiful Kivuruga

Full of beautiful people.

Girl carrying water can in Kivuruga

A country and a people who face many challenges.

Typical street in Kivuruga, Rwanda

Welcome home, team. We can hardly wait to hear your stories. Just as Our Response desires to bring transformation to Kivuruga, we have no doubt that Kivuruga has forever transformed you.Team says goodbye to Kivuruga