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May 17, 2014 | Janie

If you are passionate about reading, you have quite possibly found your way into a valuable feature of our East Central community, Scout and Morgan Books in downtown Cambridge.

Cambridge Asset

Judith Kissner founded her business in the spring of 2007, having outgrown her former used-books location in Stark.

Judith Kissner at Scout and Morgan Books

On a sunny day enjoy the outdoor patio or step inside to sit on a comfy fireside chair and peruse one of the store’s more than 25,000 used, new and out-of-print books.

You can also browse a terrific selection of journals, cards and stationary, along with children’s games and puppets. (I rarely can leave the store without succumbing to a new card or five.)

But there’s more! Judith’s philosophy explains why her enterprise continues to thrive in a challenging economy and a world of digital reading options. She wants to ‘pay it forward’. “We do that by being an ethical and responsible business that supports our local schools, teachers, libraries and the arts, numerous local charities and service organizations, as well as our employees. We also “walk the talk” by supporting other local businesses, including our local printers and sign-makers, banks, credit unions and co-ops, and the businesses of our customers. We want to show our customers that when they buy a book at Scout & Morgan, not only will they get a great book to read and share, they also join us in helping to build and strengthen our community and local economy”.

So how does Our Response fit into this picture? Scout and Morgan Books has just formed a partnership of sorts with Our Response (sounds of loud cheering)! The bookstore will feature three books—rotating them periodically—from an OR recommended reading list. Via the poster you see in the photo below and OR bookmarks, Scout and Morgan patrons are made aware of Our Response, a win for us! If you buy a book, of course, it’s a win for the bookstore. And it’s a double win for the reader who can access great reading material, the kind can globally widen eyes and hearts.

So check out the display the next time you’re in the store.

Judith Kissner with Our Response recommended books

The three books in the photo below are the ones currently being promoted. The poster standing just above the books summarizes each of them.

Judith Kissner at Scout and Morgan with Our Response recommended books

An OR bookmark will be come tucked inside your purchased book.

Our Response bookmark at Scout and Morgan Books

A Thousand Hills tells the story of Paul Kagame, whose rebel troops brought a halt to the Rwandan genocide. Kagame went on to become the president of his country and, despite an autocratic style of leadership, spearheaded its remarkable political and economic transformation, as well as its physical and psychological healing and recovery.

Our Response recommended book at Scout and Morgan

Ron J. Sider has revised and updated this classic from the ’70’s, Rich Christians In An Age Of Hunger. He presents his views on the complex causes of unrelenting, global poverty, where every day more than 34,000 children still die of starvation and preventable diseases. He also shares practical ideas and methods for change.

Recommended book at Scout and Morgan Books

In 1979, Vinh Chung fled Vietnam with his family when he was only three years old. He and almost 100 other “boat people” would have faced certain death on the open seas were it not for the compassionate intervention of World Vision’s Seasweep, the first international rescue ship to provide for the needs of stranded refugees. Learn how Chung, who arrived in the U.S. with little more than the clothes on his back, grew up to attend Harvard University and become a skin cancer surgeon.

Our Response recommend book at Scout and Morgan

Please spread the word that these books are available at our local bookseller. Scout & Morgan Books is open seven days a week: Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m.–6 p.m. and Sunday from  10 a.m.–4 p.m. It is adjacent to City Center Market and Café.

  • Steve Fredlund

    I am so proud of this partnership and cannot possibly endorse Scout & Morgan enough. Judith is incredibly passionate about the power of books, intensely helpful, and always makes you feel good about stepping inside.