The Team Takes Off!

July 31, 2013 | Janie

Today marked the first day of travel for the 2013 trip team headed for Kivuruga, Rwanda. It all began at 7 a.m. this morning as the team gathered in a local parking lot.

Gathering at the parking lot

Everyone looked happy and excited. Here’s the line-up in no particular order:




Kelli is ready for travel.

Clint and Michelle

Clint and Michelle are ready to travel.

Brad, who will be supported back home by his wife, Marie.

Brad with his wife, Marie

Shelby and Amy

High School Youth

Shawn and Shannon


Director Steve Fredlund (center) is flanked by Mark Radeke on the left and Bob Jonsson on the right. These three men were on the first team that travelled to Kivuruga and brought back the original vision for Our Response.

Men with the Vision

Steve’s wife Tracy will manage the home front while her husband journeys to Rwanda for the third time. The eleventh team member, Shaun, will join up with the group later in the morning.

The couple behind Our Response

Spouses, a parent, and former trip team members also came to wish the team well.

Additional support

Several local pastors helped lead a meaningful time of prayer.


Prayer time

One last group shot…

Trip Team Leaves for Rwanda

And then it was time for everyone to pile in the van and head for the airport. The team will make stops in Newark and Brussels before landing in Kigali on Thursday at 8 p.m. Rwandan time.

van load

So long, team! Our thoughts and prayers go with you. We know you have amazing, life-changing experiences ahead!

so long team

  • Lynette Olson, Ed.D.

    Steve and Team – Thanks for setting this up! We are certainly anxious to hear about the trip. Glad you got off safely! Lynette & David Olson

  • Mary Mork

    So excited for all of you! I am looking forward to updates and stories. We will pray for safe travel and a good outcome to your visit! Happy trails!

  • Joel Preston

    So excited for all of you & honestly a little jealous!! Have a great trip & know you are being prayed for.