What you might not know about child sponsorship

January 6, 2014 | Janie

How to provide a direct gift to your sponsored child’s family

Smiling kids in Rwanda

Many of you reading this blog are sponsoring a child in Rwanda. Some of you are sponsoring more than one! On behalf of Our Response—and World Vision—thank you!

You probably know by now that your donations are directed to the community of Kivuruga in ways that significantly enhance the well-being of your child. World Vision believes that the best way to improve the life of a child is to improve that child’s community. Clean water, school uniforms, better health care, etc., are just a few of the benefits. But did you know that you can make a financial gift to your child, one where every penny will be used to meet the most pressing needs of his or her family?

Here’s how to make it happen: If you would like to make a gift above the amount of your monthly giving, simply call World Vision at 1.800.777.5777. It would be helpful to have your account number or child’s ID number ready. (If you can’t locate those easily, your phone number will do.) Once the transaction is complete, a field worker will meet with your sponsored child’s family to determine how that money could best be used. This WV staff member will then shop with the family to obtain clothing, grain, a farm animal, farming tools—whatever is most needed. You will be surprised at how far your dollars will go!

You will eventually (it can take up to six months) receive a photo of your child standing next to the newly purchased goods, with a very happy mom or dad standing nearby. A heartfelt letter of thanks from your sponsored child will communicate in a most rewarding way the delight that you have brought both the child and his/her entire family. Get ready to experience some serious joy!

This brief video says it better than I can. Please take a look and, if possible, consider this particularly personal method of making a difference in the life of an impoverished family. Because your donation must meet a minimum requirement of $100 (the maximum is $200), this type of giving would also make a great fund-raising project for a Sunday school class, small group, or even your own children.

You’ve got to love an opportunity to give where every one of your dollars will enable practical purchases, many of which, like a goat, cow, or a farm tool, keep on giving, and communicate caring and hope to a family in need.


  • barb holmberg

    Thanks for this reminder, Janie! I love the picture of the kids in this post.

  • Steve Fredlund

    Great reminder Janie…. everyone I know who has done this talks about it as a highlight of their sponsorship & giving.